Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ugly politics and irresponsible media

It was one of the defining moments of Pakistani history when Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto last visited East Pakistan to dialogue with Sheikh Mujeeb Ur Rehman to find a solution of the deteriorating situation. When He reached there the environment was mysterious, presence of armed men at the residence of Mujeeb was indicative of the Mujeeb's motives and intentions. Dialogue failed as it was evident from those terrifying circumstance created to welcome Bhutto. The fate of East Pakistan had already been decided earlier during the General Elections of 1970, when none of the leading parties Awami League and PPP won a single seat in West and East Pakistan respectively. What happened afterwards is a lesson for our people, politicians and the forces which claim to protect our motherland.

The last night's episode of the ugly discussion and statements against each other by MQM and PML-N is evident that our politicians have learnt nothing else from the debacles of past. PML-N should be blamed for starting such an ugly episode by targeting the MQM chief, but the MQM leaders ruined the hard work they made in last few years to gain a status of a representative of masses. They targeted each other and even used unethical, uncivilized and slang language to show their dissent towards each other. This was not the first time as they have been targeting each other for quite some time but the tone this time was painful. It is a matter of grave concerns the both parties are limited to their own dens despite of the claims of representing masses but more depressing is the fact that they are not willing to come out of it. The politics in Pakistan is quite similar to the 1970’s episode as most of the parties are limited to some certain areas and they are dividing the masses on the basis of language and cast. This is shameful; our politicians need to be more responsible in this regard as we have already lost a one of our wings due to this divide.

Moreover the ugliest part of this shameful episode was the role of media, we always learnt about media ethics, media responsibility, and code of conduct where they are? The TV channels aired the shameful statements again and again despite of the fact that some of them were not only unethical but also slang. Time has come to devise a code of ethics for TV channels to stop these types of broadcast. The producers, directors and specially the programs anchors/hosts need education and proper training as most of them are naïve and illiterate (the broadcast is evident). The media should know the power it possesses and show more responsibility towards the matters of national interests in order to safeguard the ideological boundaries of Pakistan. May God save our national unity.


Akhtar Wasim Dar said...

I was utterly embarrassed at what I heard on television, and was so shocked that the alleging parties were enjoying washing the dirty linen in public.

Thinking said...

hmm....I wish I could just stop...stop hearing or reading about politics...but I can't...

And its irritated me more....

I don't have single word for our politicians...they are simply...out of word.

ReeBz said...

I m not in favour of any political party of Pakistan.I agree both the parties were busy in throwing bad comments over each other.Still.if you ponder over their words, i realized that Ch.Nisar pointed out some very important things in his slang speech.specially the fact that MQM chief came to hindustan in 2009 and called the making of Pakistan the biggest mistake of the history.Seriously what the hell is this?
You are the leader of PAkistan but denying the establishment of Paksitan?PML-N also abused,which i reckon he shouldnt have.But from the other side,there came many many abuses,slang language and insulting comments.
This is called dirty politics.
I agree that Media shouldn't broadcast such things, but its the most imp job of media to keep people aware of its politics.I donot about other TV channels but i heard this news at Geo Tv and they didnot show the slang languages.One beep can do it all very well.
I believe PAksitan and its leaders always ply dirty politics.Not even a single party is fair to people of Pakistan.They have just one slogan:
"Halmim mazeed"

Shahid Majeed said...

Watch what happened in Jamine's show with Mustafa Kamal and Zaheem Qadri as guests. If they realized the sensitivity of matter they would not have aired that show at any cost but all the channels want to create panic to increase their viewership.
I think both parties used media to gain support of their people (Karachiites and Punjabi's) by gaining sympathies through hate speech, this will cause the gulf among two halves widen and a rift among the people of Pakistan.

Shahid Majeed said...

I think the media can never be neutral given the power it possesses and the gains which are linked to it.