Friday, August 1, 2014

The Golden Touch

It was probably the coldest evening of the winter; sun was almost set to disappear in dark mountains. The whole valley was covered with heavy snow; the world around me was quiet but for the wind tickling the ears, and the ice breaking under her feet when she walked towards me for the last time. Cloaked in a maroon warm shawl, she had wrapped her arms around her. Standing in front of me she closed her eyes for a while to let the frigid wind of December play with her shawl to unveil her brown hairs, the tiny invisible crystals stung her rosy cheeks and nose. She breathed calmly and softly, her chilled breathe was creating a cloud under her nose. She was feeling the magical moment as if the chill of winter was descended upon earth only for her. She opened her eyes and gazed at me, her face had softened, she smiled, it was the real smile which I could never feel in those beautiful days together.
We talked to each other for a while; discussing problems, solutions, dreams and emotions. Suddenly she took my hand in her hand and put something wrapped in a piece of cloth in it." It is a gift from me, will make u remember me but please do not see it until we get apart" She asked. We held each other’s hands for a while, here hands were getting colder from warm. I gazed at her, her face had turned pale, her garnet lips were shivering and her eyes were wet. A tear from her eye touched the darkest corner of my heart and lit if forever.
The Sun had set and the darkness had covered the valley, warm glow of candles and the log fire gleaming through the windows was the sign of arrival of a long and dark night. She stepped back and disappeared in darkness.                                
It was a hot evening in rain-less droughty summer, there were few people in the market, but everyone looked in a hurry as if a war was just to begin and they had to buy before market getting out of stock. For a while I stood on the empty corner of market with my hand resting on the reeling to see the people rushing to the counters. When I turned back to go down, my eyes caught her staring me standing in the corner of the market. For a while I just took off my eyes but they caught her again. Clad in a yellow dress she walked towards me. Standing in front of me she gazed me from head to feet, as if she was trying to make her believe that I was standing just close to her. Her dark eyes were glittering like a diamond, her garnet lips had turned crimson, and her brown hairs had turned dark. She looked into my eyes, her face got softer and brighter. She took a long breathe and smiled, the smile which I could never felt when we were together. Time stopped for a while, my heart was about to stop beating, traces of sweat coming out of my forehead in fully air-conditioned market were making me feel confused. Then I gazed at her, she had not changed a little, shy, beautiful and full of excitement like she used to be. We did not talk much as if we had nothing to say after so many years. She accompanied me to the outside and then waved her hands to say me good bye and smiled, the skies had turned crimson.

The sun had almost set, atmosphere was hazy and hot, she called me, “could you please meet me somewhere?" she inquired." sure, why not but when'? I replied. "Right now" she requested.
Sun was playing hide and seek with clouds before setting in darkness, when she reached. Clad in Pink and Black, she was looking like a teen, excited and happy. Her eyes were glowing, her rosy cheeks were about to catch fire, and her hands were shivering with excitement. Standing in front of me, Breeze was playing with her dark hairs across her shoulders and her scarf was fluttering. She peeped into my eyes, her face turned soft, her crimson lips were shivering, and her eyes were full of dreams and excitement. She came closer to me and pulled an envelope out of her bag. "I am going to get married next month, it’s my invitation card. You must come, I will wait for you" She informed me in excitement. "Sure, I will come" I pledged.
Before stepping back she took my hands in her and asked “would you always remember me and love me like you do now"?
"Love happens without reasons but it needs reasons to survive" I replied. I gazed at her, her face had turned pale and her eyes were wet, a tear from her eye touched my hand and disappeared deep into the darkest corner of my heart.
Sun had set, darkness had covered the sea shore, flickering light of nearby restaurants were sign of the approaching night, dark and long.