Thursday, May 31, 2012

The castles of love

They were the oldest living couple in our Muhalla, probably in late 80’s or 90’s. We used to call them Nani, Nana. Nani would sit on roof of her house since early morning and talk to every passerby, mostly about her health, Nana would tell children the stories from his glorious past. As children we always enjoyed the interaction with Nani, Nana. Sometimes we used to tease Nani by asking her about her romance and love marriage with Nana, She would get a little shy and look like a beautiful woman even in 80’s while discussing about her beautiful life.

Despite of their lively and loving attitude they never looked really happy or peaceful. I always asked my mother why Nani, Nana looked so lonely and restless even if they had children and grandchildren? She never told me. Mother often used to send dinner for Nani and always advised us to be there until she had finished the dinner. I could never understand why mother used to do that as their family was quite well-off.

Days passed, Nani, Nana both died in a short period and after their death started the disastrous days for their family. Nana’s son-in-law developed a fatal heart problem and left his job thus they were deprived of the only source of income. Suddenly two of their children got serious diseases and the left over saving was looted by the doctors. As if it was not enough, earthquake put their house to debris and all the signs of their past glory were buried under mud. Life never stops and it did not, their problems got bigger and bitter, one of their younger daughters died of disease leaving behind a cute little daughter. One of their sons’s been declared incurable for a fatal disease and is on the death bed. And the saddest part of this story Nana’s son-in-law died of heart condition he developed earlier.

The family's disastrous life afterwards may or may not be linked with the death of their parents but there was definitely a link between the prosperity, happiness and them. If a father finds the love of his children as the purest and dearest gift of God, every mother starts a new life with the birth of her child. The love of our parents and grandparents are the castles built around us against the evils and ills of the tough life. No matter how big we grow up, how much education we get, how strong and successful we become we need these castles built firmly. No one can claim he/she made any achievement without the support and love of the parents and grandparents, their love and pray brings the success and happiness. But In the race of better future we forget that those weak hands and wrinkled faces need a loving touch nothing more than that.