Thursday, May 5, 2011

Killing of Osama Bin Laden: Lessons for Pakistan

Osama Bin Laden the world’s most wanted man has been killed by US authorities in an attack in Abbotabad near Pakistan Military Academy Kakool. Since his killing, this NEWS is the centre of all debates running on Pakistani and international media. Although the operation for OBL killing is still under suspicion for most of the analysts but the follow-ups are proving that he has been killed in the operation. Osama was the man who waged the holy war against US and allies across the world. It is a disappointing fact that most of our Muslim brothers use name of Islam to fight against evil but they end up causing long lasting damages to Islam and Islamic countries. Osama a Saudi billionaire casued the worst ever destruction to an Islamic country Afghanistan, now his killing has brought Pakistan to the most dangerous era of existence. His killing has left us with more questions than answers.

The worst part of the OBL episode was a complete collapse of civil-military co-ordination in Pakistan. There was no official announcement from military days after the operation. A military that is known for its professional brilliance did not have a clue that OBL was residing at half KM distance from their training academy and less than 100 KM from their military headquarters in Rawalpindi. They were completely uninformed about what had happened there on Sunday night. Civil government was busy in oath taking of new ministers (whom once they termed as their worst enemies) in the name of national reconciliation. It seemed that Zardari government has no interest in the military matters, they put the ball in the court of military leadership. These signs are worrying for citizens of Pakistan.

In the follow-up, it is obvious that Pakistan would face the worst repercussions of OBL killing as we have already been facing from Taliban and Al-Qaeda for last many years. Time has come to decide who is our foe and who is the friend? We have to decide whether we want to live in a civilized world or a world ruled by Taliban and Al-Qaeda? We need to clarify our policy on Taliban and Al-Qaeda fighters in Pakistan. The war against terror might not be ours but the situation has changed, we have lost thousands of soldiers and civilians in this war. We should not let the terrorist, who waged a war against innocent citizens of Pakistan rule the people. Now this is the war of the sovereignty, integrity and survival of our homeland. No one has the right to fight against others from our territory; those who want to take up Jahad against enemies of Islam should use their own bases.

Our Military fought everywhere in the world, we fought for Arabs against Israel, we fought for Jordan against PLO and we fought for Saudis. We were the largest franchise of US war against soviets, now we are fighting against the same people whom once we trained for the sake of Dollars. We should not suspect the intent of our military fighting against the terrorists throughout country but it is a fact that we are not fighting them for our own sake instead we have been paid to do that. We never fought purely for the national interest of Pakistan whenever it was required whether it was 1965, 1971 or 1999. Now it is time to fight for our own safety, integrity and sovereignty. The elements in our military and civil bureaucracy who supported these militants in past should realize that the world has completely changed after 9/11; we can not afford to support the people who have no respect for humanity, Islam and Pakistan.

Government should immediately call a grand meeting of all political parties, civil society activists, Pakistan military leadership and other prominent civilian leaders. The meeting should workout a complete policy framework for safeguarding the national interest. Moreover they should come out with an official statement regarding the operation to clarify the suspicion and fears.

Long Live Pakistan.


Sarah said...

hi peerless,

i agree with wht u said.... it is not jst the matter of OBL its now the matter of our homeland. it was not our fight but we r the ones who r suffering n will suffer more if our govt n higher officials will keep sleeping in the same way. but leme tell u one interesting thing that there are still some people around us who think its an achievemnt of US and it is not an alarming situation 4 us.... just today's morning i met this kinda man.

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Helloo Peerless,

Yea' I agree with you that this is very very awkward situation for us and our authorities.One of the reasons of this situation is the non-availability of facts and the rapid flow hoaxes and false news.Nevertheless,I believe that OBL did not die without the involvement of our forces on some level.
The way his body has been made to vanish,makes ppl think that the entire Abbottabad operation was a drama.There was no OBL there,it was simply a show to make Pakistan labelled as a terrorist state and increase pressure.
Talking about our army's response to this particular operation by US marines,I think it's quite encouraging for us Pakistanis.The Army Chief reportedly had ordered PAF night fighters to shoot down the helicopters at 1:08 am and when the PAF fighters reached there at 1:21 am,by then the helicopters had already left the Pakistani area.

I think that this is very alarming situation for us,abd as Obama plans and has said to launch another attack for Mullah omer,and Kiyani has warned of a dangerous answer to it, lets see what happens,I hope our Army has the courage.

nice post.:)